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ENERGYLANDIA is the biggest Amusement Park in Poland, offering an impressive number of varied attractions situated on the area of 43 hectares, designed with all age groups in mind: children, teens, and adults.

Our Park is located in the Polish town of Zator, on the border of the two largest agglomerations of the Polish south: the Silesia and Lesser Poland Voivodeships; less than half-an- car ride from Katowice or Krakow, and less than 20 km away from Wadowice or Oświęcim. Although Energylandia has been on the market for only 7 years, the multitude of attractions, and the highest levels of service and Guest comfort meet the highest standards. Each year we are visited by thousands of tourists seeking to experience top class entertainment. What’s really important is the fact that for the price of just ONE ENTRY TICKET to Energylandia you get virtually unlimited access to all the rides and attractions. You don’t need to worry that sometime in the midst of the fun; you’ll run out of money for another ride for you or your kids. You are welcome to spend an entire day here, from opening to closing, using all the rides as many times as you wish! We guarantee that nobody will get bored, and that everyone will want to come back here soon, for even more fun! Our enormous parking area can accommodate several thousand vehicles. The very well thought-through, ergonomic and undoubtedly appealing entrance as well as multiple ticket offices allow you to avoid long lines, and the special layout of walking alleys ensures easy and effortless access to all the attractions of the Park. Our rides and attractions boast a cohesive, carefully designed theming, scenography and decor, and are divided into 5 distinctive zones.

All rides and attractions boast a cohesive, carefully designed theming, scenography and decor, and are divided into 6 distinctive zones.

1. Fairytale Land

Fairytale Land – the place every child dreams of; the kids come in here to enter the world of all of their dreams and wishes, and to meet the characters from their favourite stories.

Your children will move into the magical world of their beloved cartoons and films, where they can, just like great adventure heroes, become drivers, pilots, firemen, princesses, dwarves, or some unruly pets.

The carousels, mini-coasters, cars and plans which make up this zone are extremely safe and friendly, just like all of the facilities and the surroundings where families with infants can find quiet, clean places to care for their little ones in.

2. Family zone

Family zone offers attractions for the whole family, however, please keep in mind that there is height restriction of 140 cm on some of the rides.

This sector boasts several roller-coasters, so that you could see for yourself what’s it like to experience the adrenaline, but to a reasonable extent... Although some of our Guests swear that some of the rides can really surprise you.

For some great family fun check out the water rides, our sight-seeing train, or join the race at the Formula Autodrome.

3. Extreme zone

Extreme zone is the absolute best fun for those who want to face their fears. It delivers a maximum dose of adrenaline, fun and excitement.

This is a highly popular zone as you won’t find anything like it within hundreds of kilometres radius. The zone offers more than a dozen of really extreme rides, like the fastest and biggest roller-coasters, the enormous pendulum Aztec Swing, or the colossal 40-metre arm of the Space Booster, whose speed reaches 100 km/h, and the G-force is nearly 5g!

This is also where, since the 2018 season, have unquestionably ruled the Hyperion Mega Coaster, the biggest and fastest roller-coaster in Europe in its category, and the Speed Water Coaster, setting the world record among water coasters. Some of the Hyperion’s parameters:
over 80-metre drop, 77 metres in height, speed: 142 km/h, 85 degrees of the drop incline, tunnel after the first drop, and so much more...

Speed Water Coaster is an attraction that’s impressive due to its height: over 60 metres, and the speed that it reaches during the phenomenal drop: 110 km/h!

4. Water Park

Water Park is the zone opened in the summer of 2016 which looks like a tropical island with lots of attractions, nooks and water games.

This is where you can get some sun or simply have a rest in the shade of an umbrella, relax with the kiddos while under a watchful eye of our lifeguards. It’s a beautiful space, with outstanding, crystal-clear water and many awesome surprises maintained in the aesthetics of exotic islands.

The absolute hit since the 2018 season has been the enormous water fun zone, the Tropical Fun.

Tropical Fun means frolicking on 10 different slides, designated for different age groups, and with varying levels of difficulty. There are some extreme ones, like the Kamikaze, which is known as a drop-slide, and those better suited for family fun.

The new Tropical Fun zone is the biggest open water park in Poland, and the Exotic Fun slide is one-of-its-kind!

Our Guests can enjoy 300 single and double pontoons as well as an enormous beach with sun-beds, just to relax and unwind.

Access to the water zone, as is our custom, is available to our Guests as part as their Energylandia entry ticket.

The Tropical Fun zone offers 10 slides and the River spiralling around.

The water zone operates mainly in the summer season, with favourable weatherconditions and when the temperature is at least 20 degrees Celsius.

5. Dragon Town

Dragon Town – an amazing place that looks just like straight out of The Lord of the Rings, or The Witcher. The streets resemble the medieval gothic, epic architecture, grand castle ruins... and all that made of wood and stone. This mysterious land is lit by torches, and has many other amazing decorations.

Dragon Town is yet another, 5th zone of the Park, which has been created on the area of 5 hectares, surrounding the new roller-coaster, Zadra. The construction of this new part of the Park took 11 months. It began in November 2018, and was completed in August 2019. The main attraction of Dragon Town is the tallest in the world Wooden Coaster Zadra, which reaches the speed of 121 km/h. The coaster boasts 63 metres in height, and its track has 1316 m in length, and its first drop can really take your breath away with the astounding 90 degree incline. This project was possible thanks to the synergy of two industry giants: the American Rocky Mountain Constructions, and the Dutch Vekoma.

What’s waiting for our youngest Guests here is the exciting Roller Coaster Frida, along with a dedicated shop and the exceptional sight-seeing train Dragon Adventure, which will take us to the magical land of dragons. All foodies will be happy to visit the ice-cream parlour with the most delicious ice-creams. Dragon Town is a journey to the medieval world of magic and dragons.

6. Aqualatis

AQUALANTIS - Once upon a time in a very distant land there was an island in the middle of the ocean. Its inhabitants lived in perfect symbiosis with nature and the water that gave them life. People lived in harmony with the great ruler of the seas, Abyssus.

Over the centuries, however, they began to drift away from their original traditions and became greedy. The underwater ruler decided to sink the land while consuming all the wealth accumulated over the centuries. and now it’s time for US We have decided to discover this sank world. A station was created around the found ruins, thanks to which you can explore this extraordinary land. ABYSSUS - The main attraction of the Aqualantis zone! Designed as a pump station and situated exactly on the spot where the holy temple of the mighty ocean god Abyssus once was. Small boats are used here to explore the still sunken parts of the town. However, when you board one of the boats, the imperious ruler will not hesitate to show you his displeasure, and send an enormous shock wave at the brave explorers, trying to send them down into the ocean like he’s done with the poor islanders before. Water land created on a grand scale, where awaits You: ➡ 10 new attractions, ➡ 8 food courts, ➡ 3 shops, ➡ 3 spots for gaming and activities, ➡ show.

In addition, 22 traditional and interactive games, 5 performance stages (two theatres, and three amphitheatres), a cutting-edge 7D cinema, and for everyone who loves various gadgets and souvenirs, there are several dedicated shops.

In addition, 22 traditional and interactive games, 5 performance stages (two theatres, and three amphitheatres), a cutting-edge 7D cinema, and for everyone who loves various gadgets and souvenirs, there are several dedicated shops.

Energylandia is so much more than just a theme park; it’s also a place for educational and artistic workshops, firework shows and other amazing attractions. All events taking place here are perfectly organised: the children get the chance to see the lab of the mad scientist, learn what 3D mapping is, or watch fascinating musicals. The shows take place every day and are available to all Guests, so there is no need to reserve seats in advance.

Safety is the top priority at Energylandia; all equipment has appropriate attestations. In addition, the Park boasts the ISO 9001 certificate, which is the international standard setting the requirements for a system responsible for quality management in an organisation. The highly qualified and experienced staff of our Park ensures the safety of all our Guests; no child shall leave the Park unless they are under the care of an adult, and they also cannot use any attractions which are not suitable for them with regards to age or height requirements. Energylandia’s Water Park is also a safe place to play: we have more than a dozen experienced lifeguards on duty.

Guests who start to feel a bit tired in our Park can definitely find some places to rest and regenerate their energy. We have numerous food establishments at your disposal. Each of them is different in terms of the cuisine and the delicacies they offer, so that everyone is sure to find something they will love. Try the fresh fish at The Tavern, or your favourite pizza at Don Energio, or chips served in many different ways. Fast-food lovers will be happy to have a treat at the Azteka Kebab, or the Dripping Chickens.

One of the biggest restaurants at Energylandia is the very popular Scandinavia, located in the central part of our Park, near the Fairy-tale Land. Here is where you can have some tasty soup, hearty entrees, or a delicious dessert. Sweets enthusiasts should definitely visit our Crepe makers or patisseries for some mouth-watering waffles, ice-cream or chocolate! Since 2017 we’ve also boasted a separate restaurants catering to large groups, and the giant Formula restaurant of over 1000 m2.

Every year Energylandia expands our offer by more exciting rides and attractions. The 2017 and 2018 seasons were truly revolutionary for us in this regard, as we brought you more than a dozen novelties then! The new, absolutely spectacular entrance is not only marvellously beautiful, but also immensely practical; what convenience does it offer to our Guests! In the 2018 season two new attractions were created at Energylandia: the absolute international hit: Speed Water Coaster and the HYPERION Mega Coaster. The 2019 season was also very successful; our Park expanded by a new, 5th zone: the Dragon Town, with the tallest in the world Wooden Coaster Zadra.

Come and see it all for yourself!

tanie bilety do Energylandii
tanie bilety do Energylandii
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