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The surroundings of Bielsko-Biała and especially Międzyrzecze Górne is even a paradise for cyclists. The number, length and location of routes is breathtaking. Adrenaline will find seasoned cyclists on the enduro routes in the area of Szyndzielnia and Kozia Góra, as well as less professional cycling enthusiasts in the easy terrain of nearby forests, meadows and very numerous ponds. Also, a bicycle tour of Bielsko Biała is provided by the BBbike public bike network with 24 stations throughout the city.

For long-distance runners, there are many short-haul routes, for example to Krakow or towards Silesia.

There is also a possibility of organizing guided bicycle trips and enduro riding courses on site.

If you do not have your own equipment, several companies from the area can help you with renting.



This is of course an offer for the winter season. The ideal location of Bielsko-Biała means that we have many more opportunities than residents of nearby resorts. Depending on the weather change, we can choose between the resorts of Szczyrk, Wisła, Ustroń, Brenna, Góra Żar or Szyndzielnia located almost in the center of Bielsko-Biała.

In the absence of snow await us with numerous attractions of the city, whose list can be found in the Tourist Information Office.

ENERGYLANDIA to największy Park Rozrywki w Polsce, oferujący kilkadziesiąt atrakcji, które znajdują się na obszarze 35 hektarów, przeznaczony dla wszystkich grup wiekowych, zarówno dzieci, młodzieży jak i osób dorosłych.

Park zlokalizowany jest w miejscowości Zator, 47 km naszych apartamentów.

Bardzo istotny i ważny jest fakt, że w Energylandii, kupując JEDEN BILET WSTĘPU, możesz korzystać z wszystkich urządzeń i atrakcji, do woli i bez limitu. Nie trzeba się już przejmować, że w połowie zwiedzania zabraknie pieniędzy na kolejną przejażdżkę dla Ciebie, czy Twoich dzieci. Można spędzić u nas cały dzień, od otwarcia do zamknięcia, korzystając ze wszystkich atrakcji, tyle razy ile tylko się chce! 

Ogromne parkingi są w stanie pomieścić kilka tysięcy samochodów. 

Sky attractions

Sightseeing flights and parachuting for guests of our apartments.


Not without reason, Bielsko-Biała is called the Capital of Podbeskidzie. The city surrounded by numerous peaks of the Little and Silesian Beskids is the best place to start the adventure with the mountains. The mountain guide of our region will help you to download it below.

The number and variety of routes allows you to choose the optimal trip tailored to the possibilities and willingness of the whole family.



An undoubted advantage of the surroundings of Bielsko Biała and in particular of Międzyrzecz Górny is the multitude of stables and stud farms.

Most of them are horse riding schools run by horse enthusiasts. They all offer active rest along with horse riding lessons throughout the year, and several provide additional training in a roofed hall, such just 2 km from the Grabinka Apartment.

The largest and the most known of international renown is the horse farm in Ochaby located a little further away from Międzyrzecz Górny.

Horse Riding


 This is the place most visited in the summer, though, such as Góra Żar, also in winter.

The most popular water reservoirs in the region of Żywieckie Lake and Międzybrodzkie Lake is a one-of-a-kind tandem. Lakes located in the immediate vicinity of the nearby mountains are an ideal place to spend time on summer days.

Kayaks, water bikes and sailing boats are available at numerous rental companies in Tresna, Międzybrodzie and Zarzecze.



Bielsko-Biała is the capital of Podbeskidzie, often called "Little Vienna" - a city with 700 years of tradition, interesting architecture and multicultural history of its inhabitants. You must-have on the list of visiting in Polish cities.

A multitude of attractions, activities and curiosities offered by the city means that you simply can not get bored with us.

Before you meet our city personally, we invite you to a virtual 3D walk.


Visit our city with the help of an audioguide available in local tourist information.

Useful applications and websites

the latest, current cultural events in Bielsko-Biała
turist information
Tourist Information Center in Bielsko-Biała
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virtual tour of Bielsko-Biała
mobile payments - tickets and parking by phone
mobile bus timetable
an application created to facilitate the planning of mountain trips and help with route navigation.
alarm application. Location and call for help of relevant services.
E-vehicles for minutes in Bielsko-Biała
Electric bike rental
The best Silesian bicycle routes for everyone
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