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Ski - downhill runs


Debowiec Ski Resort

Dębowiec is a peak (525 m a.s.l.) at the foot of the Szyndzielnia Massif located virtually in the city. It has a spacious car park but also good public transport (bus number 7 or 8). The main attractions of Dębowiec include a picturesque mountain tavern, a modern ski lift, an artificial toboggan run and, above all, an artificially snowed and illuminated ski track that can be used until late in the evening. It is an ideal place for a quick ski trip, often after work or after school.

The decision to go skiing is helped by online cameras where you can see exactly the number of people and snow conditions, and in 15 minutes you can appear on site and personally admire the fantastic panorama of Bielsko-Biała.

COS Skrzyczne

The Central Sports Center is a network of professional sports and training bases serving the needs of Polish sport and a wide range of individuals. One of the bases is located in Szczyrk.

The location and equipment of the COS Olympic Preparation Centers makes them ideal places for active recreation not only in the winter season.

In addition to a wide range of facilities such as swimming pools, jumps and ice rinks, COS has numerous ski lifts and slopes.

Several of them begin at the Skrzyczne summit. Also called a paradise for skiers, enjoying great conditions for winter sports here. Skrzyczne slopes have over 10 kilometers of ski slopes of various levels of difficulty, including the route with FIS approval. The black and red routes here are equipped with a snowmaking system. Fully comfortable use of the ski attractions is guaranteed, among others modern ski lift, 4-seater sofa with a capacity of 2,400 people per hour, along the entire section from the lower station in Szczyrk, through Jaworzyna, to the Skrzyczne peak.

Szczyrk Mountain Resort

Szczyrk Mountain Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Poland. Located in the Silesian Beskids on the slopes of Małe Skrzyczne 1211 m a.s.l. and indirect peak 1000 m a.s.l. It is an excellent proposition for tourists from the Silesian and Little Poland agglomerations, as well as southern neighbors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The resort has 25 km of varied ski runs (including 5 km illuminated), which means that every fan of white madness will find something for themselves. Since the 2017 season, thanks to cooperation with Centralny Ośrodek Sportu and Beskid Sport Arena, clients of the resorts can use a joint ski pass for 40 km of slopes

downhill. Szczyrk Mountain Resort is currently after the first stage of modernization and since the 2017 season has at its disposal a new 10-seater gondola and two 6-seat ski lifts.

In the 2018/2019 season there will be a new 6-seat ski lifts.

Zbójnicka Kopa. Thanks to its construction, the center obtained a two-way connection with COS Skrzyczne. The resort also serves 2 lift and T-bar lift and one platter lift. Zone for children is comming in Czyrna

“Maxiland” for the beginners with belt and platter lifts and the Maxiland Ski School. A completely new snowmaking system was built with a large tank with a capacity of 100,000 m3

(40 Olympic swimming pools) on Hala Skrzyczańska provides 230 lances and water

snow cannons. The downhill routes have also been modified, thanks to the widening and profiling their use is now more comfortable.

Beskid Sport Arena

Beskid Sport Arena is located in Szczyrk. The resort offers 4 ski runs with a total length of 3.2 km and an area of ​​8 ha. A comfortable route No. 4 on the upper BSA glade with beautiful views of the Silesian Beskids is intended for learners.

The most popular is route No. 1 with a length of 1200 m. Due to the tunnel with a length of 50 m, enabling collision-free passage under route No. 3. More advanced skiers have at their disposal the red route marked No. 2 and the black marked No. 3. Route No. 3 is the slalom route 800 meters long with up to 45% slopes

All routes are illuminated. Relaxation for skiers is facilitated by the Beskid Cable ski lift. It's a six-seat ski lift, equipped with windshields.

Tourists can take advantage of 5 free car parks for a total of 400 cars and 5 buses. Beskid Sport Arena is equipped with an automatic snow production system. The system consists of 42 stationary cannons and two water tanks with a total capacity of 11 thousand m3. The snowmaking system is supplemented by a machine enabling the production of snow at positive temperatures.
The building of the lower BSA station has ticket offices, a restaurant, a sports equipment rental and service, and a ski school.

The upper station has a gastronomic point with a grill and heated tent. The Beskid Sport Arena ski resort participates in the Szczyrkowski Wspólny Skipass program, which connects the three largest ski resorts in Szczyrk: Beskid Sport Arena, Centralny Ośrodek Sportu and Szczyrk Mountain Resort.

Free ski buses run between the resorts during the high season.

Wisła - Soszów Ski Station, Nowa Osada

Soszów Ski Station in Wisła on the Soszów Ski Slope is the most varied and largest ski area in Wisła. This modern resort, whose lower cableway station is located at an altitude of 610 m a.s.l. they are distinguished by very good conditions on ski runs, whose total length is over 6 km. The specific microclimate and high snow cover allow you to ride even until the end of April.
There are car parks for several hundred cars at the center, which in 7.00 - 23.00 are free and the slope itself in the winter season is closed at 21.00.

The ride is made more pleasant by a four-seater chair lift, commonly known as a chair lift, and 4 ski lifts, taking skiers and snowboarders to places where they can choose from 6 different ski runs. In winter, the ski station is open until 21:30 (low season until 21.00).

In winter seasons, you can use the SYMPATICS CARD available in the accommodation and catering centers of Ustron, Wisła, Istebna and Brenna. The card is given to customers using the services of those centers that have established cooperation with us. The card entitles you to take advantage of discounts up to 30% on: rental, service, shop, ski courses and lifts at Soszów Ski Station. Current conditions can be checked on online cameras.

Ustroń - Czantoria mountain

Czantoria cableway - a 4-person chairlift with a length of 1 640 m, 462 m elevation and capacity of 1 800 people per hour. The upper cableway station is located at an altitude of 851 m a.s.l. Entry time - 8 minutes.

Easier and more comfortable boarding and disembarkation resulting from a modern technical solution that causes the seat within the platform to slow down automatically. The most popular of Czantoria is ski route No. 1, which is snowed and illuminated on the lower section of the Solisko clearing, as well as route No. 2, which is opened when the natural snow conditions allow it. The ski runs are groomed every day. As part of the Cable Railway Czantoria station there is a zone for beginner skiers with a conveyor belt. The equipment rental and a ski school are available.



Magurka ski trails

Cross-country ski trails on Magurka Wilkowicka are several professionally prepared and homologated cross-country ski trails that will fully enable cross-country skiing.

Most importantly, they are all public and completely free.

Trails over a distance of 3.75km, 3.3km, 2.5km and a sprint route run through the area of ​​the Wilkowice commune and the Czernichów commune. In addition to cross-country ski trails, located in a clearing near the existing PTTK shelter.

On site, in addition to fantastically prepared and tidy cross-country tracks, you can take advantage of the hospitality of the already mentioned hostel and cross-country ski rental. The current status of the snow cover can be monitored at  using an online camera.

Magurka has a good chance to become one of the most attractive cross-country trails in Poland.

City ice rink

The artificial and indoor ice rink is located within the "Orlik" sports complex in the beautiful scenery of the Słowacki Park at ul. Fryderyka Chopin 7 in Bielsko-Biała.

In winter, ice skating and numerous events for children take place during the holidays. A skate rental service is right in front of the property.

Entrance and equipment rental are payable. An adult will pay 5-6 zlotys for entry and a child 3-4 zlotys for 45 minutes of fun.

Rental of ice skates up to an additional 8 PLN for adults and 5 for children.

The property is 9 km from Apartments Grabinka 

Indoor pools and wellness centers

The city center of Bielsko-Biała has two indoor pools.

These are the Troclik Indoor Swimming Pool  and the Aqua Swimming Pool 

The "Troclik" swimming pool is a modern facility with a set of water and air massages, illuminated troughs, a sauna, easy access and free parking. Swimming lessons for children and adults are conducted there and the whole complex is adapted for the disabled.

Main basin for swimming on 6 tracks: 25 mx 12.5 m and depth 1.35 m to 1.8 m

Recreational pool: 12.5 mx 6 m and a depth of 0.4 m to 1.1 m

Water slide 54 m long

Biological regeneration: massage room, solarium, "vacuum fitness"


The Aqua swimming pool is a modern and ecological facility because it is powered directly from heat pumps. In addition, the facility has Fitness Aqua where you can additionally keep fit.

Sports pool:

dimensions 25 mx 12.5 m, depth 1.2 - 1.8 m and 6 tracks with starting posts, elevator for disabled people and wall massage

Small pool for children:

dimensions 5 mx 5 m, depth 0.25 - 0.3 m, water mushroom, water wall

Recreational pool:

dimensions 3 mx 5 m, depth 1.0 - 1.1 m, water jets

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