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Bielsko-Biała -  CYCLING CAPITAL

Bielsko-Biała and its surroundings are a paradise for people who love cycling. You don't need to search for routes. You will find everything in one place. Install the application on your phone and choose the bike route closest to your location. Set the time you have (how long you want to go) and the map will set the optimal route for you. You will see approximate travel time, distance, altitude profile and even local attractions along the route. Of course, you can always set the destination yourself. You can save or export all generated trails in GPX or KML format to your device, e.g. GPS bicycle navigation. You can also use our ready-made routes. It is enough to scan the QR code and open it in the application. The phone will guide you exactly on the chosen route.

We invite you to the EveBike electric bike rental located next to the Grabinka Apartment.

Enduro routes

Of course, enduro riding is the most dynamic way to spend time cycling.

The capital of Podbeskidzie is currently the best place in Poland to practice this type of tourism completely legally on specially prepared mountain routes closed to pedestrian traffic.

They consist of several descents of varying difficulty and gradation - from 4% to 18% of the average slope.

On site you can rent a professional bicycle and the necessary accessories like a helmet or safety accessories.

Recently, you can also use enduro routes in Szczyrk, which is only 13 km from Bielsko-Biala.

All additional information, maps, technical data and access to enduro routes can be found here.



Cycling enthusiasts are invited by Apartament Grabinka. It is an ideal starting point for long-distance riders.

It is possible to store bicycles in the monitored garage on site.

In the morning, it remains only to check the weather and choose the optimal route starting just behind the fence of the Grabinka Apartment.

Forests, meadows and fields as well as numerous ponds are the views you can expect while riding.

For those who like ramps and fast downhill rides, the ideal direction will be the region of Cieszyna, Ustronia, Wisły or the region of the Beskidzkiej with over 100 km in length.

For the less advanced, we recommend areas with a much smaller difference in terrain towards the Pszczyna forest, Goczałkowice Zdrój or Paprocany.

Regardless of the distance and direction chosen, it is possible to call a car for pick up 4 people with max 4 bikes to the Grabinka Apartment, e.g. in case of a weather breakdown, equipment failure or injury of a trip participant.

Bike trips

We don't have to advertise it. A quiet route of a few or several dozen kilometers for 2-3 hours of riding is a fantastic opportunity for a family holiday.

Depending on the chosen apartment, it can be a more urban trip in the city or around Bielsko-Biała or a route through the surrounding villages and smaller towns of the region.

Numerous attractions will definitely not let you get bored and, when choosing the Grabinka Apartment, the culmination of the trip can be, for example, an evening barbecue in the open area.

Here, it is possible to call a car for pick up 4 people with max 4 bikes to the Grabinka Apartment, e.g. in case of a weather breakdown, equipment failure or injury of a trip participant.

Electric transport - scooter for minutes company renting electric scooters for minutes has arrived in Bielsko-Biała since the summer of 2019. After installing the application on your phone and connecting the payment system literally for a few dozen grosz per minute, we can enjoy a fast and comfortable ride. Ending the trip and leaving the vehicle in zone, however, take place in the city center in the area marked on the GPS map.

Soon Electric mopeds are expected to appear in the same system.

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